Welcome to our 2021 school fundraiser! Orders are due no later than Nov 26th

What's This All About?

Join us in helping to create and sustain jobs for parents in Haiti, enabling them to feed, educate, and shelter their families. As a community help to change the cycle of poverty in Haiti while raising much-needed funds for your own school or group.

Each ornament is handmade in Haiti from either tin, paper or aluminum. 

Tin ornaments are fashioned by flattening a 55 gallon drum & using rudimentary tools to create beautiful designs.

Artisans cut a variety of recycled paper into thin strips & carefully roll them on a bamboo skewers. They are then varnished to make beautiful beads & woven into ornaments. 

Recycled aluminum cans are melted down and the hot liquid is carefully poured into hand shaped sand forms. Once cooled and polished each letter is expertly hand stamped onto the ornament.

You community will sell ornaments and earn a portion of each ornament sold to benefit your school or group as well as the artisan in Haiti.

If you are looking for an annual fundraiser for your group, each year we offer brand new designs to keep it fresh and fun.

Small Actions x Lots of People = BIG CHANGE