Welcome to our 2021 school fundraiser! Orders are due no later than Nov 26th

Our Story


In 2012, Under One Sun was born after my first trip to Haiti. 

When I got home, I realized I wanted to do more and continue helping. There was an obvious lack of opportunity and jobs. 

I started working with existing artisan groups and individual artisans looking for work. We started small with a big vision to help break the cycle of poverty one family at a time.

Today, Under one Sun continues to serve hundreds of families in Haiti. We have been able to build relationships in Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, the Philippines, Nepal, Kenya, Guatemala and Thailand to help build sustainable employment globally.

This ornament fundraiser began in 2014 as a dream to educate students on fairtrade and sustainable goods, to speak on behalf of our artisans in Haiti and tell their stories of growth and change.

Slowly, each year we add more schools and more artisans.

We are looking forward to what this 2021 season will bring!